May 2014


       May was special this year.  While our friends and party-mates were cleaning and storing their units and packing their cars, we did not.  Having decided to sell our big house last summer we got to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  We cleaned of course, but we didnÕt have to store or pack anything.  It was nice.  Usually we are scurrying around trying to get everything done before we leave, but not this year.  We are actually looking forward to spending the summer.


     We will miss everybody while they are gone.

     We sent the SharpnackÕs off in style with a great dinner at JettyÕs.     IMG_1553.jpg


                         IMG_1554.jpg          IMG_1560.jpg  


                    IMG_1563.jpg              IMG_1562.jpg     


     Love the food and atmosphere at JettyÕs.


          Starting May 15th  we enjoy summer reciprocals with the two local country clubs.  One is Tequesta Country Club and the other is Turtle Creek Country Club.  Both are excellent golf courses and both have great dining rooms.  We enjoy the luxury of have two of the best clubs in the State and both are just down the street from us. We are very lucky. 


     We also have friends that joined JohnathanÕs Landing Country Club for the summer and they invited us to play with them.  Morris and Vickie Owen are good friends of Jack and Bonnie Fedor from Columbus, Ohio.  We knew them when they lived in Naperville as I was their State Farm Agent and their son played football with Jason in the youth league.  We are both Freshmen this year as we both sold our homes and are new full-time residents.  Their membership includes all three golf courses and we look forward to playing the other two sometime this summer.


                    IMG_1591.jpg                  IMG_1593.jpg


                            IMG_1597.jpg                      IMG_1596.jpg