June and July 2014    


IMG_1620.jpg       June and July were pretty rainy.  The cloud formations were just beautiful at times.  Since this was our first full time summer here we didnŐt know what to expect.  Everyday at 11:00 the clouds would form and then the thunder would start to rumble.  You pretty much had to plan any outdoor activity before 11:00.  We usually got tennis in but golf was hit and miss.  We played Turtle Creek Country Club mostly.  We like it best.  We think their kitchen is better than Tequesta Country Club too.  Golf, food and service is just better.


       I had 380 hours on the boat and wanted to reach 400 so I could take it in for service.  In two and a half months I only got 10 hours on it.  We thought we would get more use of the boat.  All of the other full time residents say that this has been the wettest summer they can remember ever.


       Tinker doesnŐt like the thunder but she really liked having us home so much.  That dog can really take a nap!  What an inspiration. 


       I thought it would be warmer but every morning I was able to enjoy my coffee on the porch under the ceiling fan.  The heat was as expected from 12-4.  That sun is so intense I think it would peel paint off of anything.  We actually look forward to the afternoon clouds to give us a break from the intense sun.  We also enjoy the rain for the same reason.  It cools it off.


       We have enjoyed meeting the two new neighbors.  One, John Bannon replaces Jan Davidson and the other Kerin Poe, replaces Frank and Marie Sullivan.  John put all new hurricane windows and doors in his unit and then had the exterior caulked and painted.  They found the wood around the doors and windows rotted and replaced it.  He has worked on the interior but we havenŐt had a chance to see it yet.  The outside looks like it is brand new.  He has done a good job. 


Kerin found extensive mold in her unit.  Sad.  Everything is on hold until the mold remediation is complete.  Our heart goes out to her.  The vinyl wallpaper hid everything and it didnŐt show up on the home inspection either.  She is faced with a lot of expenses that she never anticipated.  We had her over for a glass of wine one time.  She was pretty devastated and angry and rightfully so.  She is going to have to fix it up.  She has a chance to stop the leaks and do it right.  I hope she does.  She would be a good neighbor.  We look forward to meeting her two daughters.


I have probably mentioned this before, but the siding on these North Passage Townhomes is incorrectly installed.  They didnŐt overlap the boards enough so water get in behind the siding and then runs down the Tyvek until it hits the top of a door or window where it creates rot.  The only solution is to caulk between every board.  The problem is, people donŐt realize that it is happening.  The water typically stays outside the Tyvek until the rot opens a hole to the interior around a door or window.  They blame the window, recaulk it and think they have fixed the problem.  Until they caulk every board it will continue to happen.  It is a constant source of income for roofers and handymen.  Its been this way for 25 years. 




       One delight this summer has been the deer.  Because I walk the dog 3-4 times a day, I am outside a lot.  There are 7 altogether.  2 Bucks infrequently and 2 does with 3 fawns.  They have been here the whole summer.  I usually see them in the morning as they leave the golf course and head for the bushes behind Alan McDonaldŐs unit.  They seem to tolerate humans, but from a safe distance.  When they come into my backyard Tinker usually growls and huffs them away.  From a distance they are just majestic to watch.  I think they know we wonŐt hurt them.  Sometimes they startle you if you are not paying attention as they are so quiet and before you know it you are staring at each other in the face.  With Tinker on the leash they have learned there is no threat and they just stand there and look at you until you walk on.  I donŐt know who is more frightened, me or the deer.  I see them almost on a daily basis and have really enjoyed them.  I wonder if they will leave when the season begins?