January 2014


       New Years Eve was spent at the Coles new house.  This is a picture of the back of the house with their new dock and outdoor kitchen gazebo with a Viking grill.  ItŐs everymanŐs dream, right?  The view down his canal is quite stunning too.  All the homes and yachts are just beautiful.  We really enjoyed the evening complete with fireworks from the Bluffs.  We were able to make it past Midnight too.  Thanks Sunny and Steve.


          IMG_0941.jpg      1558450_752151578147367_880607388_n.jpg


       Between the days of rain we managed to find one day to get on the boat with the Sharpnacks.  Jay and his family were here and we got to the sandbar at low tide and a sunset.  The kids always have fun walking the sandbar. 


           IMG_1042.jpg                 IMG_1043.jpg               IMG_1044.jpg


Our big project for the new year was a new driveway.  The old drive and sidewalk had been undermined by tree roots and it was cracked and uneven.  We had to remove quite a few tree roots, which was a lot of work, but well worth it.  We also wanted a second parking pad for the second car we brought from Naperville.  It ended up looking pretty good and we now have a wider driveway and a parking pad. 


IMG_1071.jpg          IMG_1098.jpg


January went all too quickly.  We attended the North Passage Yacht Club meeting on the 7th.  We took the Hyundai in for a checkup on the 8th which included lunch at Shrimpers and a stop at the Super Wal-Mart.  We took the car to Wallace Hyundai in Stuart.  I was totally impressed when they replaced my floor mats after just 15,000 miles under warranty!  ThatŐs good customer service.


On the 9th I went to lunch with the guys.  We have started going to lunch once a week just guys.  Its something we all look forward to.  We choose a different place every week but it usually includes draft beer! 


On the 10th we had a tennis social without tennis due to rain.  We all gathered at the clubhouse and cooked steaks on the grill.  ItŐs a fun group, with, or without tennis. 


On the 12th we went back to ColeŐs for burgers.  It was to welcome a couple people back from the frigid north.  Some guys still go home for a few days to work.  The Fedors were returning from a funeral.  One thing led to another and before Sunny knew it we had yet another party.  Thanks again to the Coles.


Monday the 13th they poured the new concrete.  Yeah!  It was postponed due to rain only once. 


Wednesday the 15th John Pinter and I played in the annual Member-member tournament.  It was the first leg of a two day tournament.  We had fun and then I ran over to Abacoa to RooneyŐs Irish Pub for lunch with the guys.  I was a little late, but all stayed until I was done.  Nice group of guys.


We were invited to Webers for dinner and bridge on the 27th.  Lynn is a great cook and Kurt and I actually get cards once in a while.  It is a fun evening. 


The next night we were invited to Merle GriffinŐs for dinner.  Merle had a group in for his famous stuffed chicken recipe.  I am told it is his only recipe.  The chicken was yummy.  It was a fun evening and a chance to spend some quality time with Merle.  I enjoyed it.  Merle turned 80 this month. 


The 30th we were invited to FedorŐs for dinner.  Jack made some great pork chops on the grill while I held the umbrella in the rain.  Bonnie made some great fried rice too.  Sunny and Steve Cole were there also.  The Fedors live right on the intracoastal waterway.  It is great to watch the boats travel back and forth all evening long.  What a view!  Thanks Jack and Bonnie. 


The 31st was the annual Chinese New Year tennis party.  Again there was no tennis due to rain.  Tony and Debbie Wallace along with Frank and Marie Sullivan host the event. They order Chinese food from a local restaurant.  Everyone brings a dish to pass and there is always too much food, but it is very good. 


Like I said, January went all too quickly.  We had more rain than usual but the weather from the entire country has been crazy.  There has been one polar vortex after another.  We used to call these good ŇOld fashionedÓ winters with lots of snow and cold up north.  Here it is usually 75 and sunny.  We really enjoy our weather here.