February 2014


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       February started with the celebration of Joann PinterÕs birthday on Super Bowl Sunday.  (John forgot what day it was!)  We recorded the game and watched it when we got home.  After cocktails at the PinterÕs the group went to VulcanoÕs Italian restaurant where we had a private dining room.  The food and the company were excellent.  Happy Birthday Joann! 











          Wednesday the 5th was a big day.  Our daughter celebrated her birthday.  Enjoy your 30Õs while you can Moose.  I played golf in the morning in a MenÕs club ABCD scramble.  Our team did pretty well and we got lunch after!  As if that wasnÕt enough to do we were invited to the DeehanÕs for dinner.  Mary Lou and Tom are always such gracious hosts.  It was a great evening.  Thank you.




          Thursday a group of guys decided to go to lunch by boat to the Waterway Cafˇ.  After we were tied up at the dock it was decided to move the boat forward so that the swim platform would not stick out and block other traffic.  Well, when Bill leaned over to loose the line . . . . the last thing he said was, ŅThis isnÕt going to end well.Ó  The boat with his feet on it went in one direction while his hand on the dock got further and further away.  Bill went in and on his way down the piling he caught a nail on the back of his arm.  It was the only exposed nail there was, but he found it.  We dryed him off and patched him up and the restaurant even gave him a dry T-shirt.  But we all felt awful for him.  He was a real trooper and didnÕt complain at all.  After lunch he went to the Emergency Care place in Tequesta and got a tetanus shot and nine stitches. 




         We had marching orders to be back by 3:00pm because we had to help decorate the clubhouse for the annual valentines golf tournament that Diane and I were the chairmen of this year.  This years center piece was a pink heart shaped Little DebbieÕs snack cake bouquet.  Pink hearts on sticks tied up with ribbon.  Simple but really cute.  It looked better than it sounds.  The committee came together and did a great job.  Everyone pitched in and did their thing and it all came together like a jigsaw puzzle.  We played with friends Lynn and Kurt Weber and while we had fun we finished just out of the money, which was a goal since we had won for the last two years.  Twice a chairman is quite enough.  It was fun and everybody enjoyed the day.


         The next week on Thursday we had dinner with the SharpnackÕs and on Friday even though it was cool, we grilled lamb chops and took them on the boat with the Pinters and JohnÕs best man Harry.  Harry was here to play in the Member-Guest event a week from Saturday.  The boat ride was to watch the sunset and the moon rise.  It was one of those days when they were just minutes apart.  Even though it was cool we all had a good time and a good dinner on the boat. 


         Sunday we played in the annual Las Vegas scramble.  Tom Buoye and his committee always do a good job putting together these nine hole social events.  Everyone here at Riverbend Golf Club enjoys the social life we have.  We are second generation Riverbenders and my parents told me long ago that it is the people that make Riverbend so special.


         Tuesday was a big day.  I got new tires on the car.  The old ones lasted six years, which is good for Florida I am told.  The heat and humidity really eats rubber.  Even our golf and tennis shoes fall apart after a while.  It is a strange phenomena.  I was originally convinced that someone had stolen my tires.  IÕm not sure what caused that paranoia.  Must have been something that I ate. 


          Saturday was the annual Member-Guest event.  I invited my friend Bernie McAllister and we played with Joe Sharpnack and his brother-in-law Dale from Orlando.  We had fun and it was a good day of golf and a great lunch. 


         Sunday the 23rd we played morning golf with the DuffyÕs.  It was very enjoyable and I had a good round except for a couple of holes.  After golf we had brunch at the Time To Eat Diner, which we love.  It is a new addition to the neighborhood but the food is excellent.  It was fun to be with Phil and Carol.  Phil is a funny guy.  Very entertaining and has a great sense of humor. 


        That night we had dinner and played bridge with Lynn and Kurt Weber.  That is always a fun evening.


          The last week of the month was spent buying and installing R-30 batts of insulation in the attic.  The Home depot has trucks that you can rent for $20 and all you have to do is put gas in it.  Does anybody ever figure the correct amount of insulation needed?  IsnÕt it mandatory to make two trips for insulation?  I know we will enjoy the lower cooling bills for years to come.