May 2013


One of the first arrivals in May were twin fawns.  The deer come down from Johnathan Dickinson State Park to the golf course Condos to get away from natural predators.  The buildings offer them some safety during their first few days.  Really cute!


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May started out a little wet.  We had the Webers over for dinner and some Bridge on the 1st and we took in a movie on the 2nd.  We went to see 42 the Jackie Robinson story.  Good movie.  After the movie we met the Webers at Duffys for dinner. 


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Saturday was Derby Day and a party at the Riverbend Clubhouse.  There was parimutuel betting but we didnÕt win much.  A horse won the race, not sure of the name. The ladies were encouraged to wear fancy hats and they had a prize for the best hats.  I thought DianeÕs hat was pretty. 


We started seeing a Bobcat in the backyard.  WasnÕt sure I was seeing it correctly but it did turn out to be just that.  We call him Bob.  Since we left the neighbors say they have seen him again.  Got to keep Tinker on a leash for sure.


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Sunday the 5th we played golf with Rhonda Cunha and Dave Jones.  Dave and I play night tennis together and we wanted to take the opportunity to play golf with the ladies.  After golf we went out for Sunday brunch.  I love eggs Benedict.  It was fun to get to know Rhonda a little better. 


Monday we made plans to get together with Steve and Sunny Cole.  Steve and Sunny had the great New Years Eve Party this year and their Ōmust goĶ party.  We went to the Hogsnapper restaurant.  Excellent crab crusted snapper with Lobster mashed potatoes.  I highly recommend it!  Their presentation is awesome.  Diane had a Sushi plate.  We look forward to seeing their new house at CIC this summer. 



Wednesday we finally got a break in the weather and the new part for the boat installed.  So we took advantage and went out with the Deehans on a boat ride around the bay and then back to the porch for PaPa Johns Pizza.  Good ride with some great people. 


Friday the 10th we went to Webers for dinner and Bridge.  Lynn made one of my favorites from the Food Shack, Shrimp on a bed of pasta with spinach, tomatoes, pine nuts and Feta cheese.  LynnÕs a great cook. 


The following Wednesday we were able to get out on the boat with friend Gary Breland and Jim Snyder.  We pack a sandwich and just go.  Gary and Jim are friends from tennis.  Diane and I like to go out alone sometimes too.  We turn everything off and just drift and enjoy the scenery.


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It can be really peaceful and quiet. 


Our big event of the month and season was a visit from Jason, Betsy and the kids.  The five days they were here, the weather was perfect. 





We played golf or tennis in the morning and went to the beach or boating in the afternoon.  We went to the sandbar and walked the sand looking for hermit crabs.  We built a crab sanctuary. 


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           IMG_0430.jpg         IMG_0439.jpg

           IMG_0459.jpg             IMG_0453.jpg

         IMG_0448.jpg              IMG_0442.jpg   


We even got to go tubing. 


                 IMG_0463.jpg                   IMG_0480.jpg    



The kids got a kick out of seeing me push their father off of the boat one time when we were swimming after a boat ride.  The boat has a swim platform on the stern and it is fun to jump off of it into the river.  One time I tackled Jason into the river and they thought that was funny.  Me too. 


             IMG_0499.jpg               IMG_0495.jpg


We tried our luck at fishing but the fish werenÕt biting that day.  We ate at the Hogsnapper restaurant several times.  It was their favorite. 


            IMG_0427.jpg          IMG_0429.jpg   


It was a great visit.  We got a lot in.  We went through a lot of sunscreen and nobody got burned.  I think the day after they left it started to rain again.  They were so lucky.  I donÕt think we were able to use the boat again after they left.  It was either too windy or too wet. 


The first tropical storm of the season was Tropical Storm Andrea.  She came up the west coast but that threw all the rain right on top of us.  Band after band of rain.  We stripped the boat and snugged it right up under the cover and tied it down for the Hurricane season.  Time to head home to Naperville.