June 2013



Oh!  Wow!  Talk about a lot of work.  We went home to Naperville with the goal to sell our home of 30 years and to get rid of everything we owned.  Goal accomplished but my oh my what a ton of work.  We arrived June 8th and never stopped working until we left September 27th.  My kids donŐt know it but we just saved them one big headache.


       First we had to prep the house for listing.  That took a solid month of non-stop work.  We cleaned, and bleached and patched and painted and polished everything.  Top to bottom.  Then we staged the house eliminating as much stuff as we could.  We were exhausted.  We worked from sun up (Diane) to sun down. 


       We got it all done and the house never looked better!  All of our hard work would soon pay off.