January 2013


         Wow!  That year went fast!  I made it through one whole year of retirement.  I think I’ll try another.  This is fun.


         The weather has been so nice I haven’t had the time to post January.

  IMG_0177.jpg    Did you ever watch Big Game Fishing on ESPN?  This is Capt. Norm Issacs receiving a highly coveted North Passage Yacht Club T-shirt as a thank you gift for being our guest speaker at the monthly meeting.  Interesting guy with lots of experiences to share.  The yacht club has some great speakers. 

         That night was also the annual chilli cook off and our friend Carol Patton won!  Carol and her husband Gordon live in Riverbend and hale from Canada.  Nice people!


IMG_0182.jpg         As I mentioned the weather has been amazing.  I have enjoyed watching the sunset as it moves gradually north and the days get longer and longer.  From my easy chair on the porch I can tell how much it moves each day.  There is nothing like a good glass of wine on the porch at sunset .



We were able to take the boat to the sandbar for a sunset.  Tinker lover to run free on the wet sand.  Diane and I like the feel of the wet sand on our bare feet too.  We get some great sunsets.

IMG_0185.jpg         IMG_0186.jpg


IMG_0188.jpg       IMG_0192.jpg

IMG_0199.jpg         The men play golf early in the morning when the dew is still on the grass.  I snapped this picture one day before we teed off, because it showed off the light as it danced across the dew drops.  I thought it was pretty. 







We were able to take a group to the Dive Bar Restaurant one night.  I love to go by boat.  The Bells, the Pattons and the Webers were with us that night.  They make a great crew!


Because the weather was so warm and dry I took advantage of the situation and did some outside painting.  I also reinstalled a deck that we had removed to recondition the surface under neither.  We are giving ChoiceDek™ a try and will see how it stands up to the Florida weather.  As they would say in Texas, “You have to strike while the iron is still hot.”  The weather will turn from warm to hot and it is not as much fun to paint out-of-doors when it is hot.  Oh the joy of owning a home. 



I have started playing tennis twice a week at night with some better players.  We usually play three sets and then have a beer on the screened porch with snacks.  At first I was out of shape but am now feeling stronger.  The tennis will improve in time.  I used to love playing in Naperville at night with some guys at the Naperville Racquet Club years ago.



         As I write this it is half way through February already.  We had a cold front come through and so it is more pleasant to be indoors.  50 degrees, warming up to 60 degrees.  In two days it will be back to 79 degrees.  It has been a good season.  More later.