October 2012


       Where does the time go?  Here it is December and I just had time to think about updating the web page for October. 


         As the days got cooler we found ourselves moving from the deck into the sunroom, taking long walks to enjoy the fall colors and enjoying a good fire in the fireplace in the evening.


         The boys had numerous football games. 



Sean was a coach.  Note the gloves and the trees in the background.  Some of the games were in colder weather. 


DSC_0224.JPG     Clark was a Bronco.


sept 035.jpg     

Jack was an Eagle.  One day we finished one game and had to rush to the other stopping only long enough to grab lunch at McDonalds.  Both sets of Grandparents made that game.  It reminded me of the schedule we kept as parents taking our kids to activities.  Diane would take one child in one direction while I would take the other in another direction.  We would always alternate between children and directions so we could enjoy both growing up.  When you throw in the business and Jaycee activities with the church activities and other volunteering that we did and it got hectic.  I canÕt say that I miss that, but wouldnÕt have missed it for the world.  A lot of good times and some, ÒDonÕt tell your Mom.Ó Moments.




In preparation for writing this I look at our calendar and credit card statements.  Apparently, The McDonalds Monopoly game started around September 28th and ended October 23rd, because we ate there a lot.  Diane is a game junky and loves to play. My instructions were to bring home the game pieces, and so I did.  If you can believe it we would go to the Health Club and then McDonalds, or vice versa.  How healthy was that?


The end of October found us in Florida.  We had the usual cleaning to do as we were gone for a few months.  We rode out Hurricane Sandy as it passed East of us, off shore a couple hundred miles.  The problem with Sandy was that it was 750 miles in diameter.  We got wind driven rain for a couple of days.  We stayed inside and cleaned. 


After Sandy, we got a pet sitter for Tinker and returned to Disney World for a few days.  Since our trip last year got interrupted by an infected elbow, we felt we owed it to ourselves to return without a hospital stay.   


         We enjoy going when it is not so crowded.  We like to stay at the Beach Resort in the Epcot area of the park because it is in close proximity to Epcot and the French restaurant that we like.  With DianeÕs advance planning and reservations made on-line weeks ahead we enjoyed plenty of good meals wherever we went. 


With the Park Hopper pass we enjoyed all of the parks whenever we wanted at any time we wanted. 




         We enjoyed breakfast at the Beach Resort each day with the Disney Characters.  They didnÕt eat much.  It was a great breakfast buffet.  I had something different every day.


         This picture was taken at Epcot showing no people on the streets.  We, at times literally had the place to ourselves.


         Our favorite restaurant, with the best food to our taste is by far the French restaurant at Epcot.  ItÕs just a 5 minute walk from the Beach Resort. 




         This is the view from our room.  Everything was nice with one exception.  The bathroom door hinges were not up to Disney standards. 



When we returned home we experienced some high tides.  Our walkway was under water.  The tides are usually in conjunction with a full moon or the day just after. 



         My neighbors walkway was completely submerged.


         My walkway didnÕt make it all the way under.


         The water came part way up the hill towards the house. 




         This of course did no damage and pales by comparison to the damage suffered in New Jersey.  Hurricane Sandy will be long remembered because of the damage it inflicted. 

We spent Halloween in Florida this year.  Hope you had a good one too.