November 2012


         This is the time when most people who can return to Florida.  The snowbirds have had just enough cold weather to make them long for the warm days of sunny Florida.  Most of our friends return and there is a lot of dining and catching up to be done.  We eat out a lot.  We try to get as much golf, tennis, bridge and boating in as we can during the nice weather. 


This year we had unusually heavy rainfall for this time of year.  When it comes off the ocean you can get as much as 11Ó in one day.  This summer the whole time we were gone they had record rainfall.  58Ó.  We are not talking about the drought anymore.  Lake Okeechobee is full again.


When we get heavy rain they close the golf course and the tennis courts so they donŐt get damaged.  So, we took in three movies.  Lincoln, Skyfall and Argo.  All were good movies.  For dining we made it to all of the local favorites including a new one called Shipwrecks.    Before you know it, Thanksgiving is upon you.



         We enjoyed a great Thanksgiving meal hosted by Kurt and Lynn Weber.  We were with good friends, the Sharpnacks, Pinters and McCallisters.  We had the traditional Turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy with stuffing and green bean casserole. I made the casserole.


 There were also green salads, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie with whipped cream for dessert.  Everybody brought something to share and there was plenty.  Thank you Kurt and Lynn. 


         We made plans to visit family in Texas between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Our son Jason and his wife Betsy live near Lindale, Texas.  Garden Valley Texas is a cross roads stop sign with a few houses running along the road in both directions.  But this is just to wet your appetite.  YouŐll have to read the December blog to find out about Texas.  ŇDonŐt mess with Texas.Ó