January 2012


         January is a blur.  Where does the time go?  I spent some time closing out the books for the business.  We did some research on what we needed to do to become Florida residents after 24 years of owning real estate here.  We had to get our passports from Naperville.  (Thanks Stephanie.)  We had to spend a day in the local Social Security office to get up dated Social Security cards.  Seems like I spent the month changing our address with everyone.  Some did.  Some didnÕt.  Discovered I had no health or dental coverage as promised by the company. 


Health and Insurance Summary.jpg





         The weather was great.  Very little rain and it was nice and warm so lots of outdoor activities.  Still getting used to seeing butterflies in the back yard. 


January is birthday month here.  Jo Ann Pinter and Jan Sharpnack had a nice reception/dinner party at the clubhouse.  Went to WylderÕs outdoor restaurant for Jack FedorÕs birthday followed by dinner at AdmiralÕs Cove for Bernie McAllisterÕs birthday.  We did make it to The Food Shack, Carlin Park Loggerhead Cafˇ, and the old standby DuffyÕs Grill.  I thought about putting some pictures in here but itÕs just a bunch of people eating.  The frozen dessert at Admirals Cove did come with

fireworks in the middle of it.








IMG_0599.jpg         Made trips to the Home Depot and RockyÕs Ace Hardware to buy parts for the boat step and to get some flowers for our water fountain.
















         I was still recovering from a bad elbow so Kurt Weber helped me with the installation of the new step.  I am happy with the way it turned out.  Thank you Kurt.




  I was able to replace the motion detector security light on the dock, a 3-way light switch, a defective light sensor in the front night light, and an automatic shut of valve in the tub spout that controls the sprayer. 

IMG_0375.jpg         IMG_0394.jpg  


Had a repairman replace the broken springs in the dishwasher door, which caused a hole in the sink sprayer hose.  Not sure how that happened?  So I put a new faucet in the kitchen sink. 


When we got a new roof in October they had replaced some trim on the house and I painted it to minimize any water damage.  I also freshened the garage door with a fresh coat.  We of course did this between the usual golf and tennis.  There were two tennis socials during the month.  We are so busy time flies. 



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