August 2012


IMG_0011.jpg     August found us enjoying Naperville.  When we returned from our trip to the East Coast we found ourselves longing for some of our favorite restaurants and our local cuisine.  Some of our favorites include, PortilloÕs, for their Italian Beef, QuigleyÕs Irish Pub for their outside patio and dog friendly atmosphere, PepeÕs Mexican Restaurant, which is right next door to my old office, Home Run Inn, which has some of the best pizza in the world, KregerÕs meat market for some of their famous bratwurst with German potato salad, and my favorite, SullivanÕs Steak House for some great beef.  Now, IÕm not saying I donÕt appreciate Lobster and steamers with corn on the cob, its just that we grew up enjoying the local food and we missed it after being gone. 


August 3rd we had a nice visit from Jan Watson from Vermilion and daughter Bambi Clark.  JanÕs Granddaughter, BambiÕs daughter has recently moved here to Naperville.  Nice to have a visit from Jan and Bambi. 


August 8th we celebrated our 42nd Wedding Anniversary.  We enjoyed a lovely dinner at, you guessed it, Sullivans Steak House.  Thank you Diane for 42 wonderful years.


We were able to play some golf, float at the Beach (our local rock quarry swimming hole), enjoy our deck and our porch.  We go to the Health Club, ride our bikes, walk through Pioneer Park and take scooter rides(my favorite). The weather, although dry, has been remarkably nice.  We had warm days and cool nights.    I love summer. 

My favorite time is my morning coffee.  I just love sitting on the porch or deck with the dog in my lap and drinking a nice hot cup of coffee while watching the sprinklers sway to and fro.  ItÕs just really nice to have the time to sit and ponder what activities the day might bring.   IÕm really liking retirement.  I recommend it. 

My big work project for the summer has been to repair/replace the ceiling fan in the upstairs parents retreat room.  Somehow a helium balloon got the better of the old fan.  I tried fixing the old fan but when I got the new part in the fan it did not work.  Too many years and too many lightning storms took their toll.  So we ordered a new one from the Sears web site.  When it came it had no blades.  The new fan, even though it was still a Casablancaª, had a totally different mounting bracket which required moving the outlet a couple of inches, which required patching the ceiling and painting.  ItÕs always something.  After two months, it is finally done.  Of course the new fan required a new switch as well. 


            Another project has been to work on reducing the damage to the three decks which has been caused by weather and chipmunks.  I used to think that the Chip and Dale chipmunk cartoons were cute growing up as a kid.  Do you remember Chip and Dale?  Now itÕs Alvin and the chipmunks..  The tenacity displayed by the chipmunks in the cartoons carries over into real life.  I am filling the holes with Great Stuff and bent coat hanger wire stuck into the ground 6Ó.  ItÕs a lot like playing Wack A Mole at Chucky CheeseÕ.  As soon as you plug one hole they pop up somewhere else.  I finally purchased a catch and release trap.  They love peanut butter.  I now spend my time driving to the local forest preserve to release the cute little buggers.  Chipmunks.  Cute.  Really cute. 

            My other project, which is every homeownerÕs favorite, is working in the yard and the landscape beds.  ItÕs my poor manÕs Health Club.  Did you know that a dandelion will germinate in just twelve days?  Twelve days.  They should isolate that gene and put it in corn or beans.  While we have had beautiful weather, at or just after Noon it gets warm and I have to quit.    I enjoy the work and it is a good alternative to the indoor Health Club.  I work up a sweat either way. I have discovered that a good morning in the yard makes for a good nap!  Tinker loves naps. 

Screen shot 2012-09-01 at 2.05.19 PM.jpg

       I have also rediscovered my bicycle.  We have bike trails that run along the DuPage River for miles.  They eventually lead to an abandoned rock quarry south of town now known as Whalon Lake.  It takes about an hour to get out there.  But once you get there it is really pretty.  Cycling is a great way to spend a sunny day.  There is always a breeze in your face and on you to keep you cool. 

            Here is a link to the full interactive map.  As you zoom out you can see the full extent of the trails.  The Naperville trails are part of a larger DuPage River Trail which extends across County lines along the DuPage River.  It is quite extensive.  You can click on the link to see the full map.



            Besides eating out and exercising we keep an eye on the Hurricanes.  We are ever mindful how fortunate we are to live in Florida.  So far, so good.  The last one named Isaac, arrived here today, September 1st., having skirted Tampa on his way here and the Republican National Convention.  We watched the speeches.  God bless all of the people who get involved in our electoral process.  ÒAnd that is all IÕm going to say about that.Ó (Forrest Gump)  Please vote.